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Source wind turbine site's privacy protection system is based on :

1 . Your privacy is important right . To provide us with your personal information is based on trust in the source of the wind turbine site. Except to follow the law , or with your consent , or to fulfill orders or your personal requirements , or to protect us from illegal activity , fraud or any act endangering public safety violations , you provide personal information to the source of the wind turbine site will not be disclosed to unrelated third parties ( including companies or individuals ) .

2 . The information you provide will only be used to help us provide you with better service.

Implementation of privacy protection system

1 . If the source of wind turbine sites need to identify you or contact you explicitly ask personal information required . At the same time , the source of wind turbine site will explain the use of such information.

2 . Source wind turbine sites may require the disclosure of personal information by law or in good faith belief because such a practice is necessary for the following properties :

1 ) comply with the law or comply with applicable source wind turbine sites sites legal procedures ;

2 ) protect the rights or property of the user and the source of the wind turbine site ;

3 ) In case of emergency , in order to protect the personal safety or public sources of wind turbine site and its users .

3 . If at any time you believe that the source of wind turbine site does not comply with these principles, please use e-mail : [Xiongweifengji@163.com] inform us, we will make every effort , within the range of reasonable and appropriate to improve this problem immediately .

We are committed to protecting your personal information, we will update our information security system, all amendments will be published on this site.

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