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Y5-48 centrifugal fan
Features : adaptability, high temperature, low noise
Introduction Detail
Model : Y5-48 centrifugal fan
Features : adaptability, high temperature, low noise
Purpose : Y5-48 series boiler centrifugal fan, is to adapt to the burning of coal and is equipped with smoke and dust removal device industrial boilers ( 1-20 tons / hour ) while supporting the design. Where inlet conditions equivalent performance and adapt can choose. However, the maximum temperature does not exceed 250 ℃, the fan medium smoke .
Environment : Y5-48 № 4C-6C gas temperature of 200 ℃. Gas density is 0.745kg/m3. № 8C-12.5C gas temperature of 140 ℃; gas density 0.851kg/m3. Before the induced draft fan , dust removal device must be added to ensure that the dust content of flue gas entering the turbine is less than 400kg/m3.
Structural characteristics: the part of the impeller fan , housing, air inlet , transmission and other components , and is equipped with a damper .
1 ) impeller with 12 backward 16Mn material blade , wheel cover welding arc cone -shaped intermediate wheel with flat , static and dynamic balance correction , so smooth , high strength and abrasion resistance , the use of longer life .
2 ) chassis with steel plate welded into snail shell as a whole , № 8 or more "smooth ", " reverse" switch can be common. In cochlear board also opened the door for easy cleaning and clearing at the blade fouling accumulation within the enclosure to ensure balance and aerodynamic performance of the impeller.
3 ) air inlet, convergent inlet into streamlined overall structure bolted to the inlet side of the chassis .
4 ) transmission group, the spindle bearing housing , pulleys and other components. Spindle is made from high quality steel , rolling bearing , water-cooled bearing housing overall . Therefore , subject to the installation of water pipes , water consumption and different ambient temperature varies, generally 0.5 ~ 1 m3 / h considered. № 4 ~ № 6.3 bearing box with the 3rd lithium grease , № 8 ~ № 12.5 bearing housing equipped with oil level indicator , add oil according to the oil level mark.
5 ) Adjust the door , adjust the door is an accessory fan to regulate the flow of the fan . Adjust the door leaf petal -shaped , axially mounted in front of the air intake , the use of an external drive structure, transmission flexibility. Adjustment range of 90 ° ( fully closed ) to 0 ° ( fully open ) . Adjust the position of the door panels imported from direction, on the right. Cis rotary blower plate to push from the bottom up is fully closed to fully open direction ; For reverse rotation fan. Board to pull down from the fully closed to fully open by the direction .-金沙www4136com
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