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Date:2014-5-20   Views:589
    Industrialization Today, the production of human life has been inseparable from the fans of the industrial products , especially in recent years, the emergence of centrifugal fans , centrifugal fans practicality , durability, praised by the majority of the consumer market . Centrifugal fan is to rely on the input of mechanical energy , mechanical energy into the gas pressure and gas out of a mechanical conveyor , it is a fluid driven by external energy machinery .
    Now centrifugal fan factories, warehouses , mines , tunnels, vehicles, ships , cooling towers , buildings and many other places have applied ; addition , boilers, blast furnace , industrial furnace ventilation and the wind is also more centrifugal fan ; addition , centrifugal fan is also used in air-conditioning equipment and appliances adjust cooling and ventilation ; hotels, canteens scattered in ventilation and taste ; grain drying and sending ; hole and wind sources commonly used experimental style and inflatable hovercraft and propulsion .
Fan manufacturers in the country , the main types of centrifugal fan produces a large industrial fan , exhaust fan , gas blowers , industrial furnace blowers, single-stage high pressure centrifugal blowers, multistage centrifugal blower speed up to 50 species, and there are four hundred fan type species in the iron and steel smelting, accommodation and catering , power generation, petrochemical, water treatment, gas recovery and nuclear and other fields and industries have applied .
    According to relevant survey, fans were not suited to today's conventional wind turbine market demand , through energy saving fan has a broader market outlook , the current situation , the domestic large-scale wind turbine business income from 95 per cent in steel, petrochemicals , thermal power, cement four sectors , although the pace of development of the cement and steel industry has slowed, but as China's economic restructuring, to further advance the pace of industrialization , a variety of projects , the demand for a variety of production environments will continue to increase the centrifugal fan large variety of low energy consumption , low pollution , low noise, industrial environmental specifications of new products such as the influx of wind turbine market .
Seen from the above description , the further development of wind turbine market lies in innovation, production and fan applications in human life in ten diverse, involving a wide range of high performance, so in the future manufacturing and R & D process , who can adapt to the market , who can get further innovation in the original basis, who will be able to lead the wind turbine market .
    Our fan industry has taken shape, cooperation with foreign companies but also with the degree of market opening and deepening increasingly closer. At the same time , in order to compete for domestic market share as the core competitiveness of enterprises at home and abroad fan and it has started.
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