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Four high-pressure turbine seals
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    Sealing performance is an important indicator of operational reliability . Especially the transportation of toxic , hazardous, flammable , explosive gas or precious occasion even more so. If the seal is not good, not only a large number of precious gas leakage , the more serious is causing serious environmental pollution.
1 , labyrinth seals
    Also called labyrinth seal so do not pull , comb seal , the most widely used products in the fan , the fan interstage seal products basically using a labyrinth seal , shaft seal air transport , the pressure is not high case also used labyrinth seal.
2, the floating ring seal
   Floating ring seal is formed by the spindle and the floating oil film pressure between the rings , the film 's co pressure and external load ( working fluid pressure ) to achieve balance , to seal the working medium of the axial leakage. Since the floating ring seal with automatic advantage of the center , so the sealing gap can be smaller , the amount of leakage reduced, pressure seal can be sealed with medium pressure to adjust the level to maintain liquid Friction between the floating ring and the shaft state, thus avoiding the mechanical wear. This seal is used in high pressure or transport of corrosive gases , to ensure delivery of gas does not leak out .
3, the mechanical seal
   Mechanical face seal is an elastic element rely on static and dynamic vice ring face Friction preload and media pressure and the pressure of the elastic element to achieve the sealing device axial compression seal rotation . Mechanical seal generally use medium pressure is higher than 2.5 to 3.5 blocked sealing liquid ( turbine oil ) to seal blocked media. During the rotation , the friction surface to establish film , film pressure from the inside outward , from large to small , medium was sealed and finally balanced . Since the sealing liquid pressure is always greater than the media was blocked , so the media in general does not leak was sealed , and a small amount of inward leakage of fluid sealing , leak sealing liquid will be recycled back through the hole . Due to structural changes , mechanical seals have greatly reduced the amount of oil fuel consumption than the floating ring seal , but they are film seal.
4 , dry gas seals
   Air dry gas seal membrane is sealed , is currently the most advanced turbine compressor , the best form of a seal sealing effect . It is nitrogen or other gases harmless for the sealing medium. High cleanliness requirements for sealing gas , and have a more complex supply system .
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