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Talking about the reasons cited fan blade wear
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    Induced draft fan pumping air when some of the flue gas containing dust will enter the impeller , dust, some of the solids will cause the blade and the blade friction and wear , long past the edge of the blade will be worn , a lot of dust will go directly to the blade the middle. With the increase of operation time , dust will accumulate in leaves , but not the same degree of wear , so the amount of lead dust accumulated in the fan blades are not the same , which leads to unbalanced weight of the blade . So noticeable vibration induced draft fan in operation will appear.
    Induced draft fan in the conveying air to the boiler, the air will inevitably mingled with some corrosive gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide , and coal-fired boilers will produce such gases . Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide and water will react acidic materials generated after these acidic substances attached to the suction fan inside the device , easily lead to the blades , impellers and other corrosion. The degree of corrosion of the blades to make a difference is not the same quality of the blade, resulting in induced draft fan vibration.
Induced draft fan impeller for severe wear and corrosion failures , the most effective treatment measures is to increase the boiler coal dust removal, desulfurization of work , which can greatly reduce the induced draft fan into dust and sulfur dioxide and other substances. Reduce the moisture content of the induced draft fan is also very important , which can transform the sprinklers in addition to smoke by reducing the moisture can reduce the impeller blade corrosion.
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