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                                    Dedusting equipment for wind turbines
Model: The company produces dust centrifugal fan type mainly C4-73, C6-46 type, C6-48 type
Main use: used in cement, flour mill, garment factories, textile mills, paper mills, printing, furniture factory, furniture factory and other places of the carriage containing dust, paper, fabric scraps, wood chips, fiber sheet such air mixture.
Conditions of use: the transmission medium should be air or other flammable, non-corrosive steel material, non-sticky material or long-fiber material gases. Medium temperature of -20 to 80 degrees, the relative humidity is less than or equal to 90% contained in the dust and hard particles containing not more than 350mg per cubic meter. For the carriage when hard particles contain a lot of gas, dust removal device fitted before the fan needs to ensure that the life of the fan.





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