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                                          Spraying equipment for fan applications
    Model: The company has a dedicated fan of spraying equipment FF-11-type high-pressure powder room fan, FF-12 type of pressure blower powder room, HT hot air circulating fans and other products.
   Main use: Mainly used as powder coating industry shuttle temperature curing oven or automated production lines linked hot air circulation and powder recovery booth suction ventilation and other purposes.
Conditions: medium transport should be air or other non flammable, non-corrosive materials for steel, non-sticky material gases.
    HT hot air circulating fan conveying medium temperature: -20 to 250 degrees, the special requirements of up to 800 degrees; FF-11-type high-pressure transmission medium blower powder room temperature: -20 to 80 degrees, dust and hard particles contained no more than 150mg per cubic meter.

                                        Refrigerator powder production line


                                Aluminum processing electrostatic powder coating powder room



                                           Powder spraying equipment



                                                 Auto Coating Line

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