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                                                    Ceramic production supporting fan
The company used in ceramics production and use of the main types of wind turbines is
1 kiln induced draft fan. Dehumidification kiln for ceramic exhaust, pumping hot delivery temperature, hot air circulation, etc., can be a good way to control the furnace pressure regulating combustion furnace atmosphere, ensure high yield and low consumption of ceramic kilns, safe and reliable long-term operation.
2 furnace blower. Satisfy the ceramic industrial production of various types of oil or gas roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln furnaces and other combustion spray drying tower combustion, blast quenching, smoke ejector, hair drying needs .
3 medium pressure air cooler. Each dedicated to ceramic production process requires winds of moderate pressure hair cool place.
4 spray dry tower with induced draft fan. Mainly used in ceramic spray drying tower exclude wet waste gas.
5. Ceramic strong wind sucked dry system dedicated fan. Mainly used for polishing ceramic edging cleaning process requires a strong wind blowing dry water.







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